About us

Store Valtellina was created to incorporate all the history and beauty of the area within a single portal. An ambition that has been realised, thanks in part to promotion performed by the main associations representing local producers: Coldiretti, Confartigianato, Confindustria, and the Multiconsortium “Valtellina che Gusto”. The project has also received the institutional support of the Province of Sondrio and the pratic assistance of the Provincial Tourist Office of Sondrio.

Valtellina is the first geographic district where different producers have come together to bring online the tourist and commercial excellence of the area. Store Valtellina indeed is gradually integrating its activity with the tourism portal www.valtellina.it , in order to provide a complete picture of the territory and its products.

From producer to consumer in a click: the stars of the show are the local products. Wines, Pizzoccheri, Pietra Ollare cooking pans, Bresaola, Cheese, Small-scale Production, Honey, Sweets, and much more besides.
In a few simple steps you can receive in your home the best of Valtellina's local production, purchased easily and securely, directly from producers. The portal is a guarantee of quality for consumers, who will be able to buy certified products bearing a number of protection labels.

Store Valtellina is managed using ISED SpA Group technologies, in particular those of the company B2X Srl , with the scientific assistance of the University of Pavia .

Store Valtellina: from the heart of the Alps, unique products... just a click away!