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Our History

Our business was founded in the 1930s at the foot of the beautiful Bitto Valley. An enterprising Massimo Tonelli started a job out of necessity that would take him first to trade in cattle then to establish “Tonelli Massimo meat trade”.
He opened up a shop in the heart of the town of Morbegno then in 1955 acquired a property in nearby Regoledo, and developed the area with an abattoir and laboratory where he added a section producing salted meats and finally the historical shop.
With the opening of the new structure his son Silvio entered the business under the watchful eye of his father. In a short time Silvio took the business to be one of the best known in the industry and further enlarged the small business. Silvio’s biggest quality was quickly understanding the market and it was he that realised the importance of offering the clients quality and service and the possibility to trade in all types of meat – beef, pork, sheep, horse and poultry.
In 1964 Silvio married Nilde and she entered the business directing with class and elegance. The shop was transformed into a boutique for meat and cold cuts.
In 1987 L’Alico srl a new brand was born in place of Tonelli Massimo. The selection of a new name came about by the entrance into the business of the daughter Paola. We are by this time in the third generation. The inexhaustible passion of the Tonelli family and an expert co-operative staff put themselves each day at the service of clients to guarantee a craftsmanlike product and an unequalled quality.

Our Products

The characteristic that perhaps distinguishes us the most from others is that our production is very limited and entirely handmade. The cold cuts that we produce are all made from fresh meat and from sections within our structure. This enables us to be able to select daily the quality of the meat we process. We are not interested in producing large volumes, but we are interested in making a high quality product for the final consumer in compliance with the artisan traditions handed down by our founder.


The manufacturing process of our meats is a process crafted entirely by hand. The first phase is the processing in our deboning room where we get in our various anatomical cuts to produce our bresaola. Then we have the second phase which is the marinating of the meat put to rest for several days in containers with natural flavors and our wine from Valtellina. The third phase is the packing of the meat in natural skins and the slow aging so that the fresh air and the microclimate of the valley may give these products a unique aroma.

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