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Family owned and operated, ALPES has 50 years experience selecting and processing Porcini mushrooms, presented dried, frozen or in handmade jars.

Each specialty Alpes creates must follow stringent production regulations so that the final product meets the highest of expectations.

Fungo Porcino

The process begins with the finest selection of raw materials. The mushrooms we choose must be superior in quality. Additionally, we strive to collect ones that are representative of the areas they originate. An integral part of our mission is to promote the region made famous by its specialty so that our client may truly appreciate the fine food, as well as the culture behind it.

Alpes fully respects the traditional, local recipes we use. After all, we are based in the Italian valley of Valtellina where food is tightly woven into our culture and the boletus mushroom presents itself in many of our dishes. In order to maintain the authentic taste, we strictly adhere to only using all natural ingredients free from synthetic flavoring, coloring and preservatives.

Equally as important as the ingredient, the distinctive presentation of the final product is essential. Artistic craftsmanship best describes each of our hand-packed jars culminating in a final product that will delight your senses.

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