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The Cooperative Bees - Sondrio was established in 1976 as the operational arm of the Consortium bees of the Province of Sondrio (it later became, by operation of law, the current Bee Producers Association of the Province of Sondrio), in fields, taking surveys or commercial aspects, proved difficult to manage the membership structure.
The Cooperative Bees - Sondrio has played an important role in the local bee-off as a powerful stimulus to renew obsolete or inappropriate material (in a short time the equipment of laboratories and apiaries was replaced with safe and hygienic standard sizes). This property is a point of meeting and exchange of experiences: a confrontation that has led to the introduction of powerful new methods and technical updates.
The cooperative is also an essential support activities to promote the image of the honey Valtellina, and is therefore present in the main local tourism events and festivals organized moments of tasting. The Cooperative is in essence a structure designed and organized and directed to help small production companies. It is, for example, made a honey extraction laboratory in which we extract the honey from the combs, it is allowed to settle naturally and then you shall keep the packaging on behalf of members. This facility operates in compliance with all the stringent regulations regarding food preparation, by certifying also the product of the members.

The Cooperative chooses among the best productions locally to develop promotional activities and trade. It operates in fact to enhance the local beekeepers, small production companies, but very professional and great passion: always in the race to achieve the highest quality products. Honeys of the Valtellina participate in major national competitions among the best Italian honey: the medals awarded over the years is remarkably fat, on a very careful raising the local political and technical operators of the product. For nearly three decades, in fact, each batch of honey to be sold is analyzed qualitatively with physico-chemical, organoleptic and Melissopalinological Fojanini from the laboratory of the Foundation for Advanced Studies.

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