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Pietra Ollare (Stone cooking pans)

Pots and Plates

Pietra Ollare Pots

With great importance now attached to natural food, cooking methods and the right equipment for the proper preparation of food are obviously indispensable.

The pots made of "Pietra Ollare" bring us back to the dawn of culinary history, to the time when metal implements were not used for cooking.

Now, just as then, thanks to its special thermal properties, "Pietra Ollare" is a very useful tool in the kitchen, and offers unparalleled advantages for a healthy diet:

  • It possesses exceptional thermal storage and transmission properties, allowing heat to spread evenly throughout the surface, and food to be cooked in an integral way, and not only through the bottom. Once heated it retains the heat accumulated for a long time, allowing you to serve dishes hot.
  • Being immune to the action of alkaline acids, it keeps its composition unaltered, without releasing waste substances. The favour of food is thus exalted naturally, and organoleptic qualities are preserved.
  • Withstands high temperatures, up to 800° C.
  • Once the right temperature is reached, a low flame is sufficient to keep the temperature constant, thus allowing significant energy savings.
  • Talcum powder has nonstick properties, which are increased by the treatment given to the original stone. This prevents food from burning easily and sticking to the bottom, and makes cleaning the pot easier.
  • Being naturally non-stick, the pan is not impregnated with food, and thus remains odourless.
  • It is resistant to both cold and heat: food can be refrigerated in the same cooking pot, without danger of deterioration. Just remember to let the pot return to room temperature before reheating.
  • It is a durable object that can be passed down from generation to generation, maintaining its properties and functionality.
  • The rustic look of stone and the elegant copper finishing give the pan a fine crafted look, enhancing any kitchen or table.

The method of construction has been the same ever since the Middle Ages: a crafted process that requires great patience and skill. Every "Pietra Ollare" pan is therefore unique.


Pietra Ollare Furnishing

The beauty, naturalness and durability of the “Pietra Ollare” have inspired the creation of products that allow us to rediscover ancient traditions, combined with modern forms, to create both indoor and outdoor furnishings.

Nowadays just a few artist-craftsmen are able to work with this material skillfully and completely by hand. The lucky owners of an object created through this process are thus the owners of a unique item of quality and great value.

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