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Goodness is love in Valtellina! Only the love for this land and its traditions could create a variety of food as rich and genuine as that from these valleys.

Valtellina Food Products

Typical Valtellina products are the jewels of a precious territory and its particular climate, clean and fresh air, and thanks to the great skills of craftsmen who have made dining even more of a pleasure.

The quality of production is guaranteed by local quality protection Consortia, which keep watch over teh quality of typical local products, including:

  • Pizzoccheri, thick dark-coloured noodles made using a combination of white and buckwheat flour. Few ingredients expertly combined for the "main dish" of the Valtellina cuisine, in the classic recipe made with cabbage and potatoes, and finally seasoned generously with butter and local Alpine cheese.
  • Bresaola, exceptionally high-quality sausage meat, made with the best cuts of beef leg and with all the fat taken out. History, culture and tradition are the keys to the quality of traditional Valtellina Bresaola, now guaranteed by the CTM PGI (Protected Geographical Indication), awarded only to true master butchers.
  • Cheeses, unique and incomparable in taste, made from the rich milk of Alpine pastures, are sweet and delicate but intense if left to mature. The best known are Bitto, Casera, both PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and Scimudin. Great when eaten in combination with the great DOCG wines of the area.
  • Honey, there are many varieties, but all are tasty and rich in nutritional properties, combining the full body of the honey of the valley with the more rarefied flavours of the mountains. The presence of a streak of lime honey provides a special balsamic flavour. Production focuses mainly on Millefiori, honey, while among monofloral types Rhododendron stands out.

Discover the intense flavours and enchanting scents of simple yet unique food that you can now try out directly at home.