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Valtellina Honey

Valtellina's Honey

Valtellina Honey

A long time ago it was considered a liquid gold for trading; today it is still one of the jewels of farming valleys. Apiculture here has a secular tradition, carried out by small businesses that produce a delicious honey more than 1,000 meters above sea level each year.

The taste of valley honey goes well with the more rarefied flavour of the mountain varieties. The presence of a streak of lime honey provides a particular balsamic flavour. Production focuses mainly on Millefiori(polyfloral) honey (mountaine, or high mountain kind), while the best known "single flower" production is Rhododendron honey.

Properties of honey: purifying, healing, refreshing, anti-toxic, regulating, cooling and aphrodisiac. These adjectives are not enough to define this product, already used a thousand years before Christ by Ayurvedic medicine as a remedy for various ailments. Consisting of glucose, water, pollen and in particular fructose, honey is a source of energy that is absorbed slower than normal sugar. It can therefore be used for a longer period of time by our organism. It is recommended for athletes prior to sporting activity and is also particularly suitable in children's diets, as it encourages the fixation of mineral salts.

Mountain Millefiori Honey

Valtellina Flowers

It is produced throughout the province of Sondrio in areas under 1,000 meters above sea level, on hillsides, where bees find very fragrant flowers and plants, in particular apple, grape, cherry flowers and wildflowers. It is usually a brown amber colour, typical of chestnut, but brightened by clover and locust-tree. It crystallizes slowly and is very perfumed, including the presence of chestnut nectar.

Properties: liver detoxification.

High Mountain Millefiori Honey

It is produced over 1,000 meters above sea level, brown amber in colour, crystallizes slowly and has a full-bodied flavour. It is rich in pre-alpine and alpine plant perfumes such as lime, rhododendron, locust-tree, maple, chestnut, heather, sloe. Its flavour varies considerably depending on the area of production. It is the most popular type of honey in Italy and abroad.

Properties: liver detoxification.

Rhododendron Honey

Rhododendron flowers

This is the only locally produced honey that can be monofloral. This white honey crystallizes quickly in very fine crystals having a faint, soft scent and a delicate and sweet taste. At room temperature it takes on a creamy texture that makes it easily spreadable. Rhododendron honey is produced with care and excels in quality. Being rare and precious, it is very popular.

Properties: tonic, calming of the nervous system, useful for arthritis.

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