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Valtellina Pizzoccheri


Valtellina Pizzoccheri

Valtellina's King dish.

A few ingredients skillfully combined make this product the main dish of the Valtellina cuisine. For some years it has been protected and enhanced by the Accademia del Pizzocchero di Teglio, which has codified the recipe and promoted its image in Italy and overseas.

This dish has been passed down from generation to generation, and is both simple and delicious. It is a dark-colored pasta, a combination of white flour and black buckwheat flour. The hand-made noodles are traditionally cooked with cabbage and potatoes, and seasoned generously with alpine butter and local cheese. Pizzoccheri are also delicious used in other recipes that we invite you to try. The result is always a unique and tasty dish much appreciated by the most refined of palates.

Polenta Taragna

Valtellina Polenta Taragna

Polenta is a traditional food that deserves to be known and experienced in its infinite variations. It is a product that varies from region to region, in terms of sauces, preparation techniques and even type of flour used.

Typical of Valtellina is the Polenta Taragna, created using buckwheat flour combined with corn flour. When cooked, blend a generous amount of butter and a light cheese such as Valtellina Casera. Usually served with the butter and cheese in semi-liquid form, is a very tasty and hearty dish that can be enjoyed on its own or accompanied by grilled sausages or pork ribs.

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