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A valley that stretches for 60 km from East to West, a unique setting, where the vines grow on extraordinary land on the slopes of the mountains, protected from the cold north winds, exposed to sunlight from sunrise to sunset, and facilitated by "round the hill" cultivation.

Chiavennasca Grape

For centuries the Valtellina valley has been known as "vine and wine land" where the vineyard is a sort of school of life. The Nebbiolo grape, locally called "Chiavennasca", grows on the Rhaetian banks of the river Adda in a twenty-five mile region, wedged between rocks, in terraced vineyards. This noble grape variety is the one most used in the area to produce very special wines that only the passion and hard work of generations of men could cultivate.

This grape (related varieties include Pignola Rossola, Brugnola) thrives thanks to the particular environmental conditions and the hard work and passion of generations of winemakers, altering the agricultural landscape to create Italy's largest vertical viticulture.

Today as yesterday, when crossing the valley we are struck by the extraordinary terraced system, with a myriad of dry stone walls that are impressive for their architectural precision, real works of rural talent. The slope of the vineyards and the narrow spaces in which they are located make it impossible to use any mechanical means.

Thus, each stage of cultivation - from ploughing to harvesting - is done by hand, through slow and meticulous movements, refined by time and much hard work. A veritable treasure, indeed this system has been proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

And from these vineyards, fascinating though difficult to farm, unique wines are made, elegant and complex such as the "Sforzato" or "Sfursat" and the "Valtellina Superiore", already appreciated by great men such as Carducci and Leonardo Da Vinci, and today famous all over the world.

They are the result of a careful selection of vineyards situated in the best areas and a careful selection of grapes. Every drop of this wine is the sweat and the smile of a man who works slowly and patiently in the silence of the mountains, with respect for the traditions of a profession that is like an art.