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Bermec Engineering, located Talamona (So): created as an operating spin-off for Bermec, which since December 1986 has worked in the field of precision engineering and manufacturing for third parties. After 25 years in business, the ownership of Bermec decided to give space to the creation of products other than those in the field of metal mechanics: the time was right, to devote time and resources to other projects and develop new marketable ideas. This made it necessary to create a new company that went "beyond" the duties and possibilities of the already well developed Bermec: finally, in July 2010, Bermec Engineering was born.

One of his first actions was the recruitment of two new graduates in engineering, in order to best develop some of the ideas already present and study how best to implement their creation. This project was clearly developed with a view to mutual interaction with Bermec, to which Bermec Engineering could provide support in engineering, not only to improve more and more products offered, but also to support customers who are not from the mechanic sector in the creation of products they require.

In fact, Bermec Engineering, thanks to its flexible structure, presents very high adaptability allowing both creation and management its own products, as well as working as a specialised consultants in the field of engineering products for third parties, not only with regards to metal but also for various other materials. Bermec Engineering can count on two key allies to help its customers in design: its unique three-dimensional programming workstation with cutting edge technologies and the innovation of the “Polo della Valtellina”, inside of which is its local unit. The latter, a recently constituted network infrastructure for technology transfer of, can provide further advice and help in the design phase and is designed to promote the success of the economic system in Valtellina and neighbouring areas on a medium to long term time scale. To achieve its objectives (growth and welfare of the population and incentive policies that aim to innovate products and modes of production) research and development play a key role.

Through precision work and continued commitment to the development of new strategies or techniques, Bermec Engineering focuses on optimising these situations every day and is projected into the future, aiming towards improvement, day by day. This philosophy is also reflected in attention to detail and constant attention to ensure that products are the best possible. As our slogan says, Bermec Engineering has one true conviction: "Our goal: to make better, if possible, and it is always possible."

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