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The vineyards and the wines of valtellina

Valtellina, situated close to the Rhaetian Alps and surrounded by the Orobic pre-Alps, marks the outer limits of the Lombard region. The valley that runs in the direction of the sun is a land of delightful scenery, superb mountains, charming villages, woods, pastures and famous wines. On the ribbed slopes to the right of the river Adda, on the side facing the sun, the valley opens up onto the spectacle of an immense checkerboard of terraces. It is on these terraces, which pay the highest honour to the hard and strenuous work of man, to his perseverance and to his indomitable willpower, that the vines are cultivated.

Here, the men broke up the rock, they stole the space on which to cultivate from the mountain slopes, they built miles and miles of stone walls to hold up small patches of fertile soil. Here, with love and the sweat of their brow, they have jealously guarded this enormous opera for generations, every year carrying back to the vineyards the soil that the rains drive in rivulets down to the valley.
The vine is the Nebbiolo (known locally as the Chiavennasca) from which great wines are obtained: Valtellina Superiore DOCG with the subzones Sassella, Grumello, Inferno and Valgella which have stolen their perfumes of raspberry, violet and damp moss from the woods and the rock.
Although when the wine is young their characteristics are very similar, on ageing they diversify into a series of delicate hints and fragrant “bouquets” thanks to the morphological nature of the land and the position of the vineyards.
In the heart of the valley, in 1960, 61 local producers established the Cantina Cooperativa Villa di Tirano & Bianzone (Association of Wine Producers of Villa di Tirano and Bianzone) which, in a few short years, was able to become financially autonomous thanks to the increase in the number of its partners, today 250, who contribute the highly valued grapes of Valtellina DOCG, DOC, IGT from seven different communes in the province. The farming experience accumulated over the years, along with modern enological techniques and respect for the ancient traditions have allowed the Cantina di Villa to make a name for itself on both the national and foreign market. Its highly qualified production is commercialised under the trade name of “Cantina di Villa”, it includes the entire range of Valtellina Wines, among which the special selections of the house stand out for their excellence.

The main aim of the Cantina di Villa is customer satisfaction and for this reason we have chosen to have our products certified by the CSQA (certification board) according to the norms laid down by the UNI EN ISO 9000:2000 manual. It is possible to visit the Cantina by appointment, to taste and purchase our products.

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