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Since 40 years delicious things from Valtellina

The history of the Cao Company started in the far-off 1940 when its founder Conti Attilio leaves very young his home village in Valmalenco to get a job as a shop boy in the most prestigious bakeries in the town of Sondrio. At the end of the second world war in his ripe age he decides to take up a career on his own.

First he runs the "Codazzi Bakery" of Buglio in Monte, a small village of the central Valtellina Valley. In 1966 he had an opportunity to buy his artisanal bakery in Ardenno, a village not far from Morbegno. Together with his family and his sons his business grew larger including products from the confectioner's and local sweets. The first Bakery-Confectionery is opened in Ardenno and later other shops are opened too.

Since 2009 the third generation has run the company in the effort to increase the activity through the technological innovation and the research without forgetting the tradition of its products from the Valtellina Valley.

In 2012 he received the prestigious award of Artisan Excellence of the Lombardy Region . The only company in the entire province of Sondrio.

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