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From 1969 father Antonio and mother Louise passing through their daughters, have specialized in aging cheese. Our company is located in Valchiavenna in the lower valley of the province of Sondrio, surrounded by mountain peaks between the Spluga and Valbregaglia valley , as well as high quality alpine pastures, high mountains natural fodder and air purity.

Seasoning is a critical step in the process, it’s role is determinate to enhance the quality of the cheese.
The company Del Curto Cheese selects and constantly looks for products of small / medium producers in the local area and collaborates with nationwide dairies to create products that only at the final stage of production, maturation De'C, are characterized.
Our seasoning locations are "crotti"- typical caves of the area and cellars are like ancient tradition in dry masonry therefore allowing a continuous oxygenation without the application of refrigeration instruments.
The micro flora that develops naturally on the cheese-rind and throughout the environment allows the cheese to absorb the flavor and aroma obtaining a product with a characteristic De'c. During the years we have added to the traditional character a modern business logistics, adequate facilities and equipment that facilitate all the operations of refining the product.
Since 2005 we are also member as seasoners of the “ASSOCIATION PROTECTION VALTELLINA CASERA AND BITTO” (CTCB).

Tradition looking to the future.

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