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Meat preservation by salting and drying is a very old system used for Bresaola and other similar products.

The particular conformation of Sondrio's County and fresh, constant dry air, allow product best preservation with a middle salting; the result is a really smooth and gently taste.

Production's technique in the beginning were simply used to preserve meat, but throughout the years it has been improved, refining product's quality: today Bresaola is smoother, softer and more delicate than ever.

Increased production has not endangered product's quality or its typicalness, while the drawing up of Production's Regulations has added healthy&safety conditions and regular high quality to the producers' traditional ability.

Anyway each producer keeps his own secrets that make his product recognizable among the others, always respecting requirements that allow Bresaola to have the acknowledgement of "Protect Geographical Mark".

First literary evidences of Bresaola go back to 15th century, but its origin is certainly older. Until the early 17th century its production was kept for familiar consumption. In 19th century Bresaola's production and trade strongly increased, starting export to near Switzerland. Today Bresaola is widespread all over Italy and it's conquering new foreign markets.


The special microclimate of Valtellina County is the main secret that characterizes the production of the Bresaola della Valtellina and makes it a unique and excellent product.

The fresh air coming from the heart of the Alps and the particular morphology of Valtellina County, the typical zone of production, create the ideal environment for the slow and perfect curing of the bresaola.

But the climate is not the only crucial factor.

The appeal of this high quality cured meat lies in its transformation process, due to the production method supported by long tradition, passion and competence.

The right choice of the better beef meats (hip and magatello) and the wise dosage of natural aromas arise from the secret of ancient recipes.

The handling of salted meat and the opportune variations of temperature and humidity during the seasoning process, are still today the inheritance of a culture written in the local tradition.

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