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The company AGRICAT SRL was born in 2010 in Talamona, but there are years behind for ecological and biodegradable products in the field of animal bedding domestic and farmed and of fertilizers of biological origin. Experimentation that specialized personnel made directly on the field, either through a network private users in different farms. The products are made directly by the company in Italy, on the basis of a consolidated know-how and with special equipment designed by their own technical staff. The procedure is strictly controlled at each stage of processing to offer a quality product, exclusively composed of raw materials of plant origin. Pet litter produced by the company "AGRICAT SRL" is an innovative litter recently entered the market and presents a number of advantages that make it a unique product on the international scene:
  • high yield: one bag lasts at least 40 days for a domestic cat;
  • maximum lightness: the bag has a weight of 2.5 kg and has a performance similar to a traditional litter bag weight kg ore. 8.00;
  • convenience of disposal: litter used can be disposed of in domestic and TOILET were for production of organic soil improver for household use;
  • 100% biodegradable: the litter consists only from vegetable raw materials (by-products of rice, vegetable fibre resulting from dedicated crops herbaceous perennial).
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