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My name is Iris Pensa, I live in Traona, one of the oldest, sunny and characteristic of low Valtellina Rhaetian located on the coast, said of Cech.
I am passionate to learn the rudiments of weaving in Albaredo, but curiosity leads me first to Sovana (GR) Here I met Julia, a weaver, which in its old wooden loom weaves wonders for me and unravels a thread a long wire that leads me to hear artists (M. Luisa Sponga) teachers (Marina) who generously make me share the secrets of weaving. I follow the course of artistic weaving in "Tapestry" at the Castello Sforzesco Milan, purchase a frame and slowly began to weave choosing the carpet (pezzotto) typical of Valtellina and propose again enriched my creativity and originality.

Official site: www.myvetrina...laboratorio-tessitura-pezzotti

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