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Le Strie winery is based in Teglio, a small village in the heart of Valtellina Valley wine district, which is famous world wide for producing fine Nebbiolo grape red wines.
We are a group of fellow vine growers (Luciana, Marisa, Paolo and Stefano) who directly cultivate a vineyard about one hectare wide and most of the grapes we winify come from it.
We produce a small number of bottles: on average 6.500 per year.
All our products are traditional wines. This means that you can recognize all the main features of Nebbiolo grape variety grown in Valtellina wine district.
We produce three wines: Valtellina Superiore docg (with partially dried grapes), Sforzato docg, Terrazze Retiche di Sondrio Nebbiolo igt.
The grapes come from the sub-zones of Valtellina Superiore area known as Sassella, Valgella, Grumello.
The average grape yeld is about 60 quintals per hectare and it is far less that we were allowed by law. In our opinion this is very important in order to produce high quality wines.
As far as working in cellar is concerned, we work in a traditional way.
Valtellina Superiore docg and Sforzato docg are vinified in stainless steel vats and then matured in large oak barrels.
Terrazze Retiche di Sondrio Nebbiolo igt is vinified and matured in stainless steel vats.
We promote and sell directly our wines.
You can get the most out of our wines when matched with food: it is advisable to drink them along with roasted meat, game, matured cheese.
They should be drunk in big stem glasses at the temperature of 16-18°C.
If kept in proper conditions, our wines can last up to 20 years.

Sito Ufficiale: www.lestrie.it

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