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Among the old traditional activities of low Bregaglia, an important place is occupied by extracting and processing of Soapstone . They produced mainly Laveggi. "Some think they have the property of Laveggi not tolerate any kind of poison in the food that is cooked in there, why would any poison may be neutralized during the boil. "
Scheuchzer writes in 1746, "... in these pots of stone, the food cooks faster and better than in other subject brass, copper or other metal; also foods retain their natural fragrance and are not polluted by extraneous flavors ".
In the late eighteenth century soapstone-related activity was gradually decreasing, but still in 1805 Giacomo De Pedrini a Piuro had sent a couple of Laveggi exposure to Milan. A company De Pedrini figure in the records of the Chamber of Commerce in 1866.
The laboratory was in Prosto, where a few years ago Roberto Lucchinetti has taken over the tradition of piuraschi get to work and soapstone. Produce, in addition to the classic Laveggi, glasses that reproduce the form of an ancient found in the ruins of Piuro, "Furagn" containers with lids that are used to preserve butter, animal fat, meat and cheese.
Inventiveness of this craft are due to coffee services, containers for storing the fragrance ground coffee and "cones" (stone stoves) from the elegant lines.
You can admire these objects and others in his workshop-museum, near the parish church of Prosto. In the same building, now Roberto Luchinetti opened a weaving workshop which manufactures carpets and fabrics valuable. The two workshops, unique in the entire region to the conservatively run and restoration for items that can be seen, worth a visit.

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