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The story of Mamete Prevostini tells about a winery which started making and loving wine 70 years ago. It has always had a strong link with its land, Valtellina, one of the most important wine making areas on terraced mountains in Italy.

Since ancient times it has been the center of an important road junction connecting Italy to Switzerland and Northern Europe. Through centuries its roads have been traveled by many different people. We may still find traces of their passing through in local customs, culture and typical products.

Among these, wine is the most important and it carries along a prestigious wine making tradition focused on Nebbiolo, one of the world greatest vines.

But to better describe the true story, the prestige, quality and style, we must let the protagonists speak: Mamete Prevostini’s great wines.

Each of his wines tells about the land of Valtellina; elegance, refinement, power, combining into a superb interpretation of Nebbiolo in Valtellina.

Mamete Prevostini is a brand for few precious bottles to share with a friend, to celebrate or dine with, for a moment of meditation, for the refined art of drinking.

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