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It was Carlo Moro who brought life to the pasta factory, situated in Chiavenna on the river Mera in which its waters gave the necessary source for the factories grinding machines. The factory was founded going back to 1867 even though in 1851 the factory was already known as a "non sweet pastry factory" by the House of Commerce of Chiavenna. In 1890 It was named a flour grinding and pasta factory.

Fungo Porcino

The factory was constructed with the typical dedication of the local people, that is still seen today and seen by visiting the industrial museum of archaeology. The increasing productive requirements and changes to sanitary legislations oblige the construction of a new establishment, that is found today at the main gates of the city of Chiavenna, 10 Km from the nearby Switzerland on the road towards the Spluga Pass and St. Moritz. In the new establishment we are proud to take great care of the old scrolls where are written the regulations, dated 24th May 1876, in which we can read the hours and behavioural rules that were maintained in those times.

Still after about 150 years the descendents of Carlo Moro still produce and sell its pastas... made today as was those years ago.

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