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We produce wooden objects: clocks, cuckoo clocks, furniture, inlaid.

Our company was founded by Ambrogio Pirondini in 1978 under the name of "Arti e Mestieri" (Arts and Crafts). Initially, it specialised in boxes and containers for the food producers of our region, the Valtellina area of the Alpis.
In collaboration with Ambrogio's brother Giovanni, who had studied architrecture at the Milan Polytechnic, the company then moved into designing and producing objects for the home for the national and international market, under the brand "Pirondini Italia". Many of our products were designed with the collaboration of artists and designers well-known in Italy, including Riccardo Dalisi, Emilio Tadini, Andrea Branzi, Luca Scacchetti, Emanuele Luzzati.
Currently, the company is concentrating its production on clocks, especially cuckoo clocks, and reviving the ancient technique of inlay. The objects are made in the Pirondini workshop with traditional tools such as lathes for hand work as well as the most modern equipment for mass production which allows to work in any way with any type of wood.
Our underlying principles are expressed by the phrase "art and craft" and by a continuous search for quality in the production of beautiful and lasting objects. The wood we use to make our objects comes from Italian and European sources and includes several types of burr wood.

Official site: www.pirondini.it

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