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Flat fillet of anchovies in olive oil

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1 jar 150 g


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The product starts from a history of long months of aging in our ancient and fresh cellars located in the vicinity of the old company. The salted fish, which has survived in flasks of certain size from the fishing grounds of our Sicily, get slowly ripe in the dark for months and has particular incomparable perfume, precisely due to unforced seasoning.
Is threaded manually after the appropriate stage of washing, in the classical tradition and immediately placed into containers and covered with plenty of oil to prevent oxidation.
Arrives on our plates in the best conditions for using more variety, from salads, to pizza, to bagnacauda, sauces, etc..
Our company began shortly after its foundation to prepare the pure product with a special marinade called "hot sauce", an ancient and secret recipe developed by the House and unchanged over the decades.


Storage Conditions: Room temperature
Shelf Life: 24 months
Typical regional dishes: Lombardy
Ingredients: Anchovy fillets, olive oil, salt.

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