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Christmas package designed for consumers who want to taste some of Valtellina specialities based on mushrooms. In the kit you will find Porcini mushrooms paté  for spreading croutons and delicious canapés or even on meat sliced beef or veal or as a condiment for rice dry.
The porcini mushrooms sauce, made with Italian tomatoes and only precious Boleti is an excellent condiment for pasta dishes, can also be combined with veal stew or beef to enhance the taste!
Porcini mushrooms in  olive oil with alpine herbs are Boleti, flavored with thyme and juniper collected about our authentic mountain fresh and dried. They are consumed as they are accompained  by savory appetizers or starters, perhaps with a good  Valtellina bresaola!
The dried porcini mushrooms from Europe and hand-selected, full of perfume, can be used in many culinary preparations, from rice to pasta dishes, polenta, or combined with stewed meat.
The kit contains:
  • 1 jar. 140  g Porcini mushrooms paté
  • 1  jar. 180 g Porcini mushrooms sauce
  • 1  jar.300 g  Porcini Mushrooms with Alpine herbs in olive oil
  • 1 basin gr. 80 Dried porcini mushrooms commercial quality 


Storage Conditions: Room temperature
Shelf Life: 18 months
Typical regional dishes: Lombardy


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