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Kit 3 Bottles of "La scala DOC e DOCG"

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3 bottles (75 cl EACH)


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A selection of DOC and DOCG wines from Valtellina.
 - Santarita, (1 bottle 75 cl): wine of bright ruby red colour, fragrant and fruity scent with wild fruits smell, agreeably dry and fresh flavour;
 - Valtellina Superiore Sassella, (1 bottle 75 cl): wine of purple red colour, bluberry and blackberry bouquet, strong, definite yet smooth taste, with a refreshing licorice and almond finale;
 - Sforzato Conte di Cama, (1 bottle 75 cl): wine of dark pomegranate red colour, refined bouquet of wild fruits and preserve, warm, dry, smooth and very persistent taste. 


Bottle size: Normal (0.75 l)

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