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Valtellina Superiore Grumello Tirso DOCG

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Wine obtained exclusively by a scrupulous selection of the vitigno nebbiolo grape and other grape varieties in "Grumello" area such as Rossola and Pignola.


Year: 2009

Wine detail

Grapes: Nebbiolo 100%
Vineyard: Optimal position between 350 and 450 m above sea level in the municipalities of Sondrio and Montagna in Valtellina, falling on the Rhaetian side from east to west, facing south.
Sensory properties: brilliant ruby red colour, vinous and agreeable with the aromatic characteristic of strawberry.
Alcohol Content: 13%
Food combinations: Roasted red meats and cheeses
Bottle Storage: Bottles lying in the cellar at a constant temperature 11°/13°C.
Serving temperature: 18° C

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