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Litter for pets

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The pet litter produced by the company "GOLDCAT SRL" is an innovative litter recently entered the market and has a number of a number of qualities that make a unique product in the international scene:

  •     high performance: a bag lasts at least 40 days for the needs of a domestic cat;
  •     lightweight: the bag has a weight of 2.5 kg and has a yield similar to a conventional litter bag of mineral weight in kg. 8.00;
  •     convenience of disposal: Dispose of litter can be used in toilets and in septic tanks for domestic production of fertilizer for domestic use;
  •     100% biodegradable litter is made only from vegetable raw materials (by-products of rice, vegetable fibers derived from crops dedicated herbaceous perennials).


2.5 Kg bag
100% vegetable
Antibacterial (reduces bacterial growth)
Clumping (makes the ball)
Long term (40 days)
Eliminates the unpleasant odor of cat urine.
Free of chemical additives
Soft pads for cat
Do not line the floors
Made with low-energy processes (do not use ovens or dryers).
The energy used in production comes 100% from renewable sources.

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