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Cut porcini mushrooms with alpine herbs in olive oil

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1 jar 300 g


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The traditional high standard quality of mushrooms, cut into pieces, preserved in olive oil is added as a flavoring pinch of alpine herbs such as thyme and juniper collected about our authentic mountain fresh and dried. The intensity of these smells permanently penetrates the prized porcini and gives it a particularly original and delicate taste.
A simple but tasty dish made with natural products!
They are consumed as they are accompanied by savory appetizers or starters (a good Valtellina Bresaola!)


Storage Conditions: Room temperature
Typical regional dishes: Lombardy
Shelf Life: 48 months
Ingredients: Porcini mushrooms Boletus edulis: Group, olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, spices, herbs, antioxidant l-ascorbic acid, acidity regulator: citric acid.


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