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Rectangular plate with insert

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Rectangular plate with insert


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The "Pietra Ollare" of Valmalenco
By its very nature is not mass

Unique chemical and physical characteristics,
different from other less noble materials,
although they are also called "Pietra Ollare"

In itself not yet elegant;
becomes so if it hits the right people
that art and ingenuity it ennoble the value.

From 'art without adjectives,
to 'fine art of dining.

There is material and there is no similar article
that ensure foods in such conditions.
From pots that have made it famous
thermal conductivity and uniform heating and tenacious
services for a long table that will keep food in their temperature

Perhaps in memory of his nature metamorphic
at high temperatures and pressures
Soapstone Valmalenco
became known that the unique


Size: cm 14x18

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