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Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG "San Domenico"

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This type of wine is known as a «vino da meditazione» in Italian – translation is certainly superfluous. In Valtellina, Sforzato (or in the local dialect Sfurzat) is the name used exclusively to describe wines from selected, delicately handled, almost raisin-like grapes. They represent something quite unique, a speciality which is tremendously concentrated and rich in fruit. Toasted almonds on the nose, and lingering raisin flavours on the palate. Simply: «Un Signor Vino.»
The grapes for Sforzato are dried naturally in the autumn air for 3 months after the harvest. The resulting must is small in quantity but intensely concentrated.


Typical regional dishes: Lombardy

Wine detail

Grapes: 100% Nebbiolo.
Vineyard: Sandy, loamy soil, less vegetable mould and pretty water permeable.
Sensory properties: Dense, intensive ruby; a fascinating nose with cassis and toasted almonds; tremendously concentrated a rich in fruit with lingering raisin flavours on the palate. Simply: “Un Signor vino.”
Alcohol Content: 15,44%.
Food combinations: lthough food is really superfluous, this wine goes wonderfully with red meat with powerful sauces, game stews and pungent cheeses.
Bottle Storage: 12-15 years.
Serving temperature: 18°C.

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