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Slightly smoked meat. It differs from traditional product for the unique production process and maturation are truly that take as much as possible old steps and processing times.
The meat used for Chiavennasca must have particular characteristics and is therefore the result of a very careful selection on the basis of size, shape and visual characteristics.
Tanning, all the ingredients and the use of some spices/herbs give Chiavennasca a distinctive flavor. The bagging and the whole process are done manually using handmade models.
The maturation is done in small steps, the parameters, temperature and humidity, which are determined at this stage are monitored constantly. This is why we employ specialists who have gained experience and expertise over the years.

Due to the nature of hand craftsmanship, the actual weight may deviate slightly from that shown (in default or in excess).


Storage Conditions: Chilled
Typical regional dishes: Lombardy
WarningFresh: Fresh Product

Nutritional facts for 100g

Calories kcal: 186 KCal
Proteins: 33,8 g
Carbohydrates: 1 g
Fats: 4,6 g

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