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Specially selected fresh meat "EXTRA" Bresaola of Valtellina

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Haunch's tip: 1,5 - 2 kg.


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This is a top-quality Bresaola, made strictly of selected fresh-meat from European cattle-farming, and only from 18-months old male-calf of particular cattle breed. It is a cured meat using a slow salting process, a bit longer than the traditional one, as longer too the maturing time by which it achieves a very delicate taste becoming thus particularly mellow. When sliced, and we recommend very thin slices, it looks pale-red and variegated, showing rose-coloured and orange shades. Its very unusual feature makes it to a real niche product.
Nutritional specifications: 100 grams Bresaola provide 50% of the daily requirement in protein, iron and zinc, furthermore 30% of the needed B2-vitamin, namely riboflavin, and PP-vitamin, namely niacin.

Due to the nature of hand craftsmanship, the actual weight may deviate slightly from that shown (in default or in excess).


Storage Conditions: 0 / +4 ° C
Typical regional dishes: Lombardy
WarningFresh: Fresh Product

Gluten Free:

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