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Bitto D.O.P. 2011

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Bitto is made with fresh whole cow's milk  with the possible addition of goat milk but not more than 10%.

The diet of the cows from which the milk comes from is mainly composed of  grass from alpine pastures of the production area. The cooking of the curd is effectuated at a temperature between 48 ° and 52 ° C. The seasoning should be prolonged for at least 70 days and it begins in the alpine dairies.

Bitto is cylindrical, smooth and the surface is flat with a diameter between 30 and 50 cm, the sides are concave with sharp edges high 8-10 cm, the weight varies from 8 to 25 kg.The paste/texture is white to pale yellow and is characterized by a compact structure, with partridge/corn eye-like holes .The ancient technique of production and the name Bitto 'Bitu' which means eternal is traced back to the Celts.

The production period is during the summer pastures and begins onthe 1st June and terminates on the  30th  September .

The taste  of  the cheese “Bitto”  is sweet and delicate , it  embodies the scent of the alpine pastures; as it matures it becomes more intense and the maturation can be extended even up to ten years,  becoming  one of the most sought for delicacies in the cheese world, served with a fine glass of red wine DOCG Valtellina


Shelf Life: 3 months
Storage Conditions: +4 / +8°C
Cheese Rind: Smooth
WarningFresh: Fresh Product
Ingredients: Whole milk, rennet, salt, goats milk 10%
Consistency: Tough but not supported.
Flavor: Fresh
Cheese Holes: Non-existent or barely visible

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