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Terrazze Retiche di Sondrio IGT "Del Frate"

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Our experienced cellarmaster has been a sort of spiritual father to Del Frate, our first blanc de blancs from the Valtellina. As distinct from La Contea, which is made using briefly pressed red wine grapes, here the Sauvignon Blanc grapes were harvested when fully ripe and after crushing they were stored for 2 to 3 days at 5oC (40o F). The temperature was then raised to 10oC (50o F) and the must was transferred to small oak barrels and fermented in these barriques. The wine stayed on the lees till the following May, after which it was drawn off and bottled.
Del Frate is a deep golden- yellow, its seductive aromas, reminiscent of peppers, apricots and tropical fruits, developing fully in the wood. Wonderful density of mellow flavours with a long finish. Like all full-bodied white wines, it is best drunk at 12-14oC (57-60o F). 


Typical regional dishes: Lombardy

Wine detail

Grapes: Sauvignon blanc 100%
Vineyard: Sandy, loamy soil, less vegetable mould and pretty water permeable.
Sensory properties: Clear yellow: wonderfully concentrated bouquet and fresh, flowery aromas; plenty of fruit on the the palate, light body and a pleasantly dry finish.
Alcohol Content: 12,4%.
Food combinations: Vegetables or fish, or as a cool fresh aperitif.
Bottle Storage: 2 - 3 anni.
Serving temperature: 12 -14 °C.

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