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Rainoldi: "Wine as a culture". This is our slogan: care of vineyards, quality of our wines, refinement of our labels and present boxes and the welcome of the cellar.

The company was founded in 1925 by Aldo Rainoldi, the son of Giuseppe, who was already well know at the time as a trader-exporter of wines and agricultural products to nearby Switzerland.

At the beginning of the "Casa vinicola Aldo Rainoldi" the firm enjoyed a period of outstanding success characterized by the development of foreign markets thanks to wines that were the result of both a careful selection in the vineyard and refined wine-making expertise.

At the moment, the company's headquarters are in Chiuro, the true wine-producing heart of the Valtellina, and the company is based on the longstanding commitment of the Rainoldi family.
In addition to the production of grapes in its own vineyards, the wine estate also buys grapes from small local wine-growers, who are constantly monitored by a highly trusted company technician, so that the winery can produce up to 200.000 bottles per year.

We are mainly focused on the production of red wines obtained from what can be considered the most noble Italian native grape variety: Nebbiolo.

The assortment ranges from the "classic" wines like Inferno, Sassella and Grumello, which are left to mature for two years in slovanian oak casks, to the Sassella and Inferno "Riserva" (Reserves) that are cellared for three years before being commercialized in the market.

Undoubtedly the real protagonist of the Valtellina wine scene is "Sfursat" or "Sforzato", a dry wine obtained from drying the best Nebbiolo grapes harvested in the most well exposed vineyards, and which is produced only in the most successful vintages.

The grapes, spread out on mats or in boxes, are left to wither naturally, usually from harvest time (second week of October) until mid January.

The dehydration of the grapes (between 30% and 35%), allows the production of a great wine that combines body, elegance and longevity.

We propose two different interpretations of this great wine: a classic wine with two-year ageing in oak casks and at least one-year bottle refinement; and what many people already define as a "must" of Valtellina wine-making. Sfursat Fruttaio Cà Rizzieri, whose grapes are left to wither in the winery's highest altitude fruttat, casa Rizzeri, and are then refined in new French barriques.

Recently, new wines have been introduced, confirming the company's desire to flank the more traditional wines with new, more modern versions of Nebbiolo: Crespino and Prugnolo, obtained from vineyards in different areas of the Valtellina superiore district, and therefore with a DOCG designation and Nebbiolo, a red IGT wine produced using a percentage of crushed grapes.

Among the surprises are Ghibellino, a white IGT wine obtained from Sauvignon Blanc and chiavennasca grapes (white wine vinification), besides a rather unusual and surprising Brut Rosé metodo classic based on Nebbiolo grapes. Rosso di Valtellina DOC and Tzapel, a white wine, complete the assortment.

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