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Luigi Rocca (1823-1900), originally from Liguria, worked with Ferdinando Cirio in the food sector. By mutual agreement the two of them undertook to set up two independent industries.
In far off 1870 Luigi Rocca, who looked after the employment of Italian workers in South America, set up the company bearing his name, taking into account the dietary demands of Italian emigrants abroad and the desire to maintain the culinary traditions of the distant fatherland. Said company's first area of activity was the preservation of porcini mushrooms - dried, in brine pickled and in oil.

I vigneti terrazzati di Salis

The natural development of the market meant that future generations of owners, who were all part of the same family, made additions which resulted in a much larger selection of preserved products. Today the company can rely on over one hundred years of working experience to maintain the tradition of quality which has won numerous top awards in a large number of countries.

The company was the first in Italy to produce products preserved in oil on an industrial scale and be awarded the title of regular supplier to the Royal Family. In 1995 after several months of restoration works on the original Liberty-style building which the owners deliberately chose to maintain and after rigorous inspections, the Italian Ministry of Health awarded the company the much sought-after EU approval for salted fish products - one of our lines' most characteristic specialities.

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