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“PEZZOTTO” is a carpet traditionally packed in Valtellina, its origin, mainly of peasant, was handed down through the centuries in the whole area of Northern Italy.
The process is entirely hand-made: the choice of fabrics to the finished product.
The warp is cotton or linen for the finest workmanship, the plot consists of strips of cloth woven by hand in the warp.

The company produces hand-woven carpets Ruffoni since 1935.
A special feature of the products Ruffoni is the use of technology married with traditional continuous stylistic research: it is often in collaboration with professionals and artists to create unique pieces tailored for different needs.
This research led to the creation of three different types of warping : traditional cotton warp, “SUDAN” cotton warp and linen warp, each of which is able to satisfy all aesthetic and functional needs.

Ruffoni is a carpet made in any size, design and color. They are used only natural materials such as cotton, wool, linen and velvet.
In particular, the use of velvet fabric, very precious and hard-working, one of the strengths of the company Ruffoni a carpet in velvet is undoubtedly a piece of high style and value of great value.
Same characteristics as has the use of linen warp, which gives the carpet an even greater artistic value.

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