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“Combining good quality with tradition is not easy nowadays - we try nevertheless and, while tasting our products, we are often able to experience scents and savour flavours that make us proud of our work. It isn’t easy, and never happens by chance! Achieving this goal needs trust in the basic principles through which quality becomes the company’s real lifeblood: striving for a critical-minded and selective choice of meat-cuts; building up a confident relationship with the raw-material suppliers and thus being enabled to always expect the very best; constantly watching over every single phase of preparation. There’s something more that makes us feel proud as well, and that is to have built our factory in a little spot in paradise, where nature also supports us in making our product really unique. Among the gentle slopes of Poggiridenti, air and microclimate prove themselves necessary allies for the great success of our Bresaola, namely for its natural tenderness and its delicate taste.

Mottolini Bros.

A Great Passion

Salumificio Mottolini was founded 1986 by Michele Mottolini, driven by his passion for one of the most delicious resources of our valley, the Bresaola. His enthusiasm and dedication have created a very special product, unique in its taste and high quality, held in great esteem by customers. In all these years, he himself still takes on the task of selecting the best suppliers and supervising the main preparation-stages: from the salting process, through the “concia” blending, up to the extremely complex maturing time, all bestowing his Bresaola with its especially delicate taste.

Mottolini cured meat factory

Nowadays he has a young and motivated staff working beside him, in a 4000 mq plant with high-tech fixtures and fittings, certified by the competent health authority (IT 1085-LP CE), and modern technologies, which nonetheless agree with the traditional way of making Bresaola by hand.

Guaranteed and certified quality

All along our company has always been concerned about improving its product quality, as well as our customer-care service. With that aim, we carried out new checking trials and in 2000 we thus obtained the UNI ENI ISO 9001:2000 certificate for our company quality-system, an important feature in the rigorous self-monitoring schedule we set up from the start of our business, with the intention of producing high-quality cured meats. For consumers this is a true guarantee.

Production specifications

All of our products result from a traditional process, personally and constantly supervised by the Mottolini family, using genuine and natural raw material while availing of the small secrets handed down in the family. The air and the ideal microclimate surrounding our plant allow them to then mature in an optimal way; the raw material we use comes to us directly from approved slaughter-houses, certified by the local health authority and whom we entrust with the careful selection of suitable meat-cuts.

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