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Salumificio Sosio is a company, which has been working in the seasoned meats for almost three generations.
It was started in the '50s by the Sosio family's butcher shop, in the little town of Semogo, in the upper part of the Valtellina valley, following the lead and care of Grandma Dina, who is the great inventor of the brand, La Bresaola “De Baita”, which we are proud to carry on everyday, as a symbol of tradition.
An enlargement of the factory and an improvement of production, technics, market and business goals have progressively taken the place of family and home life, which characterised our work. For many reasons this growth makes our company one of the most state of the art factories here in the Valtellina valley. As a matter of fact the business management and organization are based, in two words, on a family but also on an enterprising company. Everything is definitely aimed to a constant optimization of time, means and brain and always carefully and eagerly supervised by all of the family members.
As a matter of fact, today, each of us, has many opportunities to express in every situation, thanks to our ever-growing company and the wish to pay the best attention to each sector.
Umberto's expert hands performs every stage of production with consummate skill, assuring a direct and genuine treatment, which is a peculiarity of a handmade production carried out with extreme enthusiasm. Lorenzo carefully and meticulously organizes the vacuum-packaging work and the shipping. Alessandra loves attending to the sales sector and therefore having also a contact with the world outside the company. Ausilia and Walter, our parents, represent the directors of this intriguing game. They are always eager to teach us the tricks of the trade and make us to become fond of this work.
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