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Italian Grappa Schenatti Valtellina and grapes: an inseparable combination that is lost in time; the valley area suitable for vine growing par excellence, has always produced Nebbiolo grapes of the highest quality. The Retic side of the valley, designed in a fascinating manner by a grid of terrace levels built in the past with great effort, so that still today Valtellina vine growing is considered as “heroic vine growing”. The grappas of Schenatti & Della Morte are made by distilling fresh Nebbiolo grape marc in the areas of the noble Valtellina Superiore DOCG wines, such as Grumello, Sassella, Inferno, Valgella, Maroggia and by the precious grape marc of “Sforzato” wine (so called for the particular practice of “forcing”, which means straining ripen grapes) that is distilled after a long fermentation, only possible thanks to the strength of native yeasts. From selected Valtellina apples and wild berries, after a long infusion in a very fine Valtellina grappa, fuit-flavoured grappas, gently digestive liqueurs, are a lively alternative to the traditional grappa taste.
Giuseppe Della Morte, grandson of the founder of the company, combines the experience of three generations with new knowledge and technologies to get to select the best offers in the Valtellina area precious and unique spirits.

The History

Giuseppe Della Morte From the traditional and philosophical legacy of Giuseppe Della Morte, master distiller belonging to the large group of the famous “grapat” (grappa distillers) of Val San Giacomo, at the beginning of the 1960s the Schenatti company was born and distinguishes itself in the production of Valtellina grape marc grappas and Valtellina grappa, fruit and herb-based liqueurs. In 1998 another Giuseppe Della Morte, grandson of the master distiller and son of Umberto (founder of the Schenatti Company) expanded the production, taking the old brand “Della Morte” back, with typical regional liqueurs and national single-grape grappas. Thus, the name Distillerie Riunite Schenatti & Della Morte (United Distilleries) includes names and companies that have made the history of artisan distillation in Valtellina.

The Distilleries

Distillery Still Schenatti In Valtellina for three generations, the “Della Morte” master distillers have produced grappas by using traditional stills in a water bath with a discontinuous alembic copper using fresh, selected and destemmed marc, distilled immediately after racking while harvesting grapes at the same time. Fresh marc distillation is essential in order to obtain a pure grappa, thus maintaining the organoleptic properties of the original grape variety and avoiding the formation of methyl alcohol and demethylation.
The distilleries, which choose to distill grape marc after a long ensiling period, will have to work on a raw material which has undergone secondary bacterial fermentation, characterized by bad smells and flavors with methyl alcohol at high concentrations, therefore, they are forced to use the demethylation column, unlike Distillerie Riunite Schenatti & Della Morte, which choose to distill marc immediately, facing higher production costs, thus obtaining grappa of absolute quality. The legacy of the past has been enhanced with the creation of unique products, combining the use of extraordinary raw materials, modern technologies and an innovative image intended to meet the needs of attentive and selected customers, who want to give themselves unique and sublime moments of pleasure.

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