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SpecialCoffee's passion for coffee is to ‘provide the pleasure of the Italian Espresso to the world attracting drinkers with the quality of the aroma, the body and the crema of its coffee.' SpecialCoffee started its research, selection, importing, roasting and packaging its coffee in 1999 and its search for this quality has continued.

From its headquarters in Rogolo (SO) and with the core-business of Espresso La Fabbrica Special Coffee "Made in Italy", SpecialCoffee sells its Espresso at home and abroad to a variety of customers and a through a mix of channels (Ho.Re.Ca., Large-scale Retail and Vending). The company has created a range of brands -SpecialCoffee, Café del Sole, EspressoCiao and Cafcao– to cover every coffee drinker's desire. We provide, between tradition and innovation, products from beans to grounds to POD/capsules.

Expressly with its passion for coffee a constant and its flexibility, SpecialCoffee wants to be known as a brand that provides in the Espresso segment consistently high quality in everything from the selection of best origins to the packaging, but at the same time provides excellent value for money. Expressly with its eye on how best to mix the best of Italian elegance with a continual search for a better coffee, SpecialCoffee now delivers its product to more than 500,000 people, experiences, tastes and coffee cultures every day.


SpecialCoffee chooses an exclusive mix of beans that guarantee the highest quality in every cup as a result of a meticulous search for the best coffee in each country. Each cup has the characteristic aroma, body, taste and crema. Coffee The coffee is slowly roasted at a controlled temperature, naturally air cooled and then left to rest in silos before it is packaged into packaging with one-way valve that do not allow oxygen to damage the freshness of product.


These products are the result of the time taken to choose and select the beans and the innovative methods used to roast and package the products. The vacuum and modified atmosphere packing have been chosen to allow the same quality of SpecialCoffee to be prepared at home as you would find in any bar or with the most traditional “moka”, ideal to taste at every time a very good coffee.


To create its capsules, SpecialCoffee uses the latest techniques, such as preparation in a modified atmosphere, to allow an Espresso to be prepared with the utmost simplicity and ease. The capsule guarantees the coffee is fresh and the same as you'd find in any bar.

Official site: www.specialcoffee.it

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