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Extreme north of Lombardy Region, Valtellina country is placed between North Italy and Europe, less than 100 kilometers far from Milan and very close to Switzerland.
This sunny country situated orographically right of the Adda river, East-West direction in the middle of “Retiche Alpes”, takes the name of “Costiera dei Cech".

Our climate is mitigated by Como Lake Our climate is mitigated by Como Lake vicinity.
Our vineyards are extended from approximately 200 meters over the see, till up 600 meters.

Terrazze dei cech landscape

Our grandfather, in the past several centuries of hard work, have modificated our mountains by building a lot of walls handling stones made in order to create necessary space for new wineyards. Beautiful panorama has been created and we want… we must to preserve it!!

Terrazze dei cech wines

Naturally “Terrazze dei Cech” main scope is wine production, but sustainable agricultural and uncultivated lands maintenance and recovery is an other our great project.
Without ancient activity in any case forgetting and by new generation involvement, we will develop and improve quality of our life.

Hard work done by our associates, offers good quality red wine.
Man was born to fill emotion… and our wine can do it by traditional taste and wonderful wineyards panorama.

Official site: www.terrazzedeicech.it

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