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Valtonline is a firm attending to the production and marketability of typical and traditional products of Valtellina and Valchiavenna, result of a careful research and ancient recipes and traditions still kept jealously.
From the savoury Bresaola, to the relaxing and digestive herb infusion, candies, salt aromatized with alpine herbs or coming from Himalaya. From the tasty tomato sauces, to the practical halfcooked dishes, the typical Bisciola cake, valnut cake and Vecchia Piuro biscuits.

Valtonline offers you a varied range of products, or far better, traditions to taste.

To buy them is very simple, just consult the catolgue and choose, among the large range of products, the ones which suit you best.
Products of ancient memories made to satisfy everybody's palate to spend a pleasant evening with friends appreciating taste and genuineness.

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